Safely and Conveniently store Skis and Snowboards of any Size and Shape, regardless of Profile or Binding Type

The Perfect Solution for Ski and Snowboard Storage in your Garage, Hotel, Condo, Closet, and Retail Ski Shop!

For Added Equipment Security!


  • No more Broken Wooden Ski Racks
  • No more Damaged Skis or Snowboards
  • No more Fumbling through Piles of Equipment

Available in 5 Designs including 2 Locking!

Sweet Racks are HANDMADE IN THE USA!


Safely and conveniently store skis and snowboards of any size and shape, regardless of profile or binding type. Sturdy steel construction and intuitive design conveniently protect your equipment throughout the year.

Great for Garage, Condo, Ski Closet, Hotel and
Retail Space!

Available in 5 Designs!

  • No more Broken Wooden Ski Racks
  • No more Damaged Skis or Snowboards
  • No more Fumbling through Piles of Equipment


Ski and snowboard season is the time of year we enthusiasts can hardly wait for. If you’ve invested in quality equipment then you’re going to need a way to keep them well protected. Just placing them against the wall of the garage is a sure fire way to get them damaged. So, we created a sturdy solution with a clean design — SWEET RACKS!

The Sweet Racks display skis and snowboards beautifully, keeping them perfectly separated to protect against damage without taking up a lot of room. Made of heavy duty, welded steel that is resistant to rusting, Sweet Racks look beautiful and keep your equipment safe for many seasons to come. It’s perfect for families, ski teams, and more!


Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks are the best way to store your skis and snowboards when you aren’t using them.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Hangs skis & snowboards without altering their natural shape. Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks don’t care if your skis or snowboards have traditional camber, rocker/camber/rocker, rocker, early rise, whatever – they will store your shred sticks as they were meant to be – in a neutral position.
  • Made for skis or snowboards! Very few, if any snow-sport storage racks allow users the ability to interchange what they are storing as easily as Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks. No modifications/alterations are necessary – simply take your ski-out & put your snowboard in.
  • Store your accessories in the same place you store your shred sticks. The integrated ‘spreader bar’ allows for easy access to the storage arms. The Ski Tip Rack also provides a place to hang your poles, goggles, helmet, or related accessories.
  • Built to last. Constructed of steel, finished with 2 coats of enamel, Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks will be the last storage rack you will buy. You own quality equipment, and it deserves to be stored safely – not stuffed in the corner of your garage.
  • Clean Design. Unlike most ski and snowboard storage racks, Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks are something that you might actually want to hang on your wall & show off to your friends.
  • Designed & Handcrafted in the USA! Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks are created by a skier/snowboarder
    for skiers & snowboarders who care about their gear. Hand-built by the same person who designed them,
    Sweet Ski and Snowboard Racks are handcrafted with love each and every time.

“I purchased my first Sweet Racks years ago. I found it wasy to install, extremely sturdy and durable, and able to hold all 6 pairs of my skis and poles. Because I live in the Colorado ski country, family and friends tend to leave their equipment at my house. Therefore, I bought a second Sweet Rack to store all the added equipment. I couldn’t be happier with Sweet Rack!”
L.F., Dillon, CO

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