1. Locate an area on a wall where you won’t mind the rack sticking out 16″ for the SKI TIP model, mount about 6′ off the floor, and mount for snowboards only you may want to mount a rack lower than 6′. For the BINDING model, mount about 4′ off the floor. For the BINDING W/lock model for maximum security put the longest ski in the rack last, mount it to the wall so the tail of the longest ski is no more than 1″ off the floor. The rack can be mounted to wall studs or concrete walls.
  2. Take an electronic stud locator and locate two studs behind the drywall in the area where you want to install the rack, studs should be 16″ apart, if you don’t have a stud locator, you can take a small nail, and hammer the nail thru the drywall in several places until you find the center of the studs. Once you find the center of the two studs 16″ apart, use a level to level the holes you are about to drill, mark the center and drill with a 1/8″ drill bit. IMPORTANT THE RACK MUST BE MOUNTED WITH ALL 4 LAG BOLTS SUPPLIED, TO THE CENTER OF TWO WALL STUDS. SWEET RACKS ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FAILURE OF THE RACK DUE TO IMPROPER INSTALLATION. NOTE: BE CAREFUL NOT TO OVERTIGHTEN THE LAG BOLTS THEY CAN BREAK IF OVERTIGHTENED.
  3. If the wall studs are in the wrong location for your rack, or if you want to install multiple racks, then purchase a wooden 2″ x 6″ board and then mount the 2″ x 6″ where you want, make sure it is mounted to the wall studs, then mount you rack anywhere on the 2″ x 6″ you want.
  4. To mount the rack simply screw the 2- 1/4″ x 2 1/2″ lag bolts with washers thru the 3/8″ holes in the rack and into the 2 holes you drilled into the studs and tighten, now drill the remaining 2 holes and install the remaining 2 lag bolts into those holes and tighten. Now you are ready to store 6 pairs of skis and poles or 4 snowboards. It is best to put a ski strap around each pair of skis to hold the pair together.
  5. To mount to a concrete wall, visit your local hardware and purchase concrete mounting hardware and mount anywhere you want on the concrete wall.

NOTE: 3/8″ holes are drilled in the rack because not all studs are straight. The larger holes will give you some room to find the center of the stud.

NOTE:  Racks will not store one ski – you must store a pair.

Thank you for purchasing the Sweet Ski and Snowboard Rack!

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