“Best ski and snowboard racks I have ever had. They fit full-length skis, kids skis, and snowboards. We even hang our poles from them! I don’t know what I would do without these racks as they keep everything easily organized, off the floor of my garage, and don’t take up space on a shelf. They are easy to install and there is no need to replace them, we just keep adding more to hold our equipment.”
Sabrina, Colorado Springs, CO

“I purchased my first Sweet Racks years ago. I found it easy to install, extremely sturdy and durable, and able to hold all 6 pairs of my skis and poles. Because I live in the Colorado ski country, family and friends tend to leave their equipment at my house. Therefore, I bought a second Sweet Rack to store all the added equipment. I couldn’t be happier with Sweet Rack!”
L.F., Dillon, CO

“Sweet Racks are the best! They will support up to 6 pairs of skis and multiple pairs of ski poles depending on size and shape. I was so impressed with the organization these racks provide that I purchased multiple racks for our ski school locker rooms. They are easy to install and have lasted multiple seasons with heavy use. The ordering process was a breeze and delivered on time. If you are looking to organize your storage space and get your gear off the floor, this is the system for you.”
Mike Hafer, Ski School Manager

“I found one of these Sweet Racks tip racks at my local hardware store in Silverthorne and thought I would try it out, they seem so well built and made of steel. I found it held all the skis I needed it too and it was such a solid rack I figure I would purchase an additional one. Once all the skis in my storage were secure and safely hanging from the wall I ended up buying a third rack and put all the snowboards on it. I would strongly recommend these to anybody that’s looking to organize and have a good place to hang their skis and snowboards.”
Mark Lesmerises

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